The "Viking Rock Block" & "Danish Rock Spotlight" are the brainchildren of Chris Lewis. A half Dane born in the US that has lived in Denmark for 20+ years. A lifelong musician that can no longer play and perform has developed a platform to promote world class Rock Music from Scandinavia..... Dedicated to presenting Independent, upcoming artists that are struggling against the corporate beasts that generate playlists dictated by record companies based purely on profits with a shove it down your throat weather you like it or not mentality. The music you hear on this show is hand selected with great care and focus given to true musical talent and song writing skills. The goal is world wide syndication, to reach true Rock Music enthusiasts globally with "The freshest and best, cream of the crop Rock Music that Vikings have to offer".


The original "Danish Pick Of The Week" (one song/one artist) started as a weekly segment on "The Rock N' Rome Show", on KRVM-FM Eugene, Oregon USA in 2009 and has evolved into a unique radio program that finds and selects the best Hard Rock/Melodic Metal EXCLUSIVELY from Scandinavian countries. With a combined population of only 25 million people, the quality and quantity of music that originates from this area is unbelievable and is "Criminally" rarely heard outside of Scandinavian boarders. With the expansion to a 2 hour weekly show it was a natural progression to expand the geographics and include the rest of the Nordic lands. "The VIKING Rock Block" was started up in Dec 2014...From Hard Rock to Grunge, Heavy Metal to Blues Rock, Melodic Metal to Punk. Classic sounding songs that you might even swear you've heard before... Strap in... Turn it up... It's time to launch... The "Viking Rock Block" Radio show … Join The VIKING Rock Revolution !!

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Viking Rock Block
Danish Rock Spotlight
The Viking Rock Block on Crim Radio
Monday @3 PM EST/@Noon PM PST
Saturday @10 AM EST/@5 PM in Denmark