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What can I say…I was that kid you saw with the boom box and boxes full of cassette tapes. Ready to rock at a minutes notice. Actively involved in the local LA party scene, Djing where I could for anybody that would listen..I found streaming about 8 years ago and never looked back. Whether streaming to just a few or a few 100 my love of sharing good music with people all over the planet grows every day. Independent music is fairly new to me. I’ve focused on major acts in the past. Crim Radio has opened my eyes ( Bigtime) to undiscovered kick ass rockers out there. Once I got my hands on the catalog at Crim I knew I had found my new home and a mission to tell the world about these extraordinary bands. I’ll bring my own brand of high energy rock to the CRIM’inals weekly.

If I don’t….. @djthornerocks Kick my ass in Twitter. (Laughs)

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Tuesday Night Rock Show
Tuesday Nights @8 PM PST/11 PM EST
Replay on Monday @9 AM PST/NOON EST
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