Crim Radio Album Review by DJ Thorne 6/7/2016
“Six Gun Sister”
8 Tracks 32:07 Total Time

Cleveland continues its tradition of giving the world great rock bands with the rise of Six Gun Sister. Produced at Cleveland’s famous “Studio D”, Six Gun Sister’s self-titled CD “Six Gun Sister” packs 8 tracks into 32 minutes of rock ‘n’ roll nirvana.

If you didn’t know it was their first album, the polished sound will leave you wondering why you hadn’t heard about these guys before. Band members, Colleen Barry (Vocals), Mike Qualey (Guitar), Les Horton (Drums) and Bill Gressock (Bass) have put together a solid first effort, worthy of adding to your collection.

As I began to listen for this review I scribbled notes: “Catchy Hooks”, “Toe Tapping”, “Sensual Voice” These were some of my initial thoughts with the band capturing my attention immediately with track one “I Said It”.  Vocally it’s undeniable that Colleen’s range and tone lead the listener into a woman’s world in a way rarely experienced. As a man I learned many years ago not to try and understand (or kid myself that I do) women. Having said that, after listening to the 8 tracks on this CD I felt I gained insight I’d not had before. Anthems of relationships gone bad, declarations of strength and shouts of love…they’re all here on display. As I listened to Colleen sing I couldn’t help but feel I’d heard her before. As I searched my cluttered mind I realized her sound and style were similar (but not exactly the same as) Natalie Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs fame.

Listening I was impressed by the musicianship of the group through successive tracks. Six Gun Sister rolls out with a signature bass sound almost universally. Bassist Bill Gressock leads the listener just long enough to get to the bridge and let Guitarist Mike Qualey loose to stretch his legs. Man, does Mike ever kick butt when he’s turned loose.  On several tracks, with “Tool” being my personal favorite, Drummer Les Horton demonstrates his command of the skins.

At first, I planned to go track by track and offer my opinion but what’s the fun in that I thought?  I’ll let you explore this band for yourself and discover this great music. What I will say about this CD is that it rocks hard when it needs to and rolls gently relatively) when they want to. For this reason, I believe Six Gun Sister should be considered a “Crossover Band” at home on rock radio as well as adult contemporary stations.

I expect in no time we’ll be seeing big things from this band from Cleveland.  Six Guns Sister’s self-titled Album “Six Gun Sister” is available through CD Baby and for sampling from their website: 

Thorne Schreiber
Host of the “Tuesday Night Rock Show” on Crim Radio